Get you on the path to playing college soccer!

Personalized counseling and advising every step of the way.

Clear process and accountability to help student-athletes and their families have the best opportunity to reach their goals.

SMSC discount makes this service a more affordable investment.

$20 OFF 1on1 Session

25% OFF Summer College Bound Counseling!


If you have any questions please email us at success@risingstaracademy.us or call Jason Sisneros at +1-919-812-8322

What is Rising Star Guidance Counseling?

Rising Star Academy offers personal college guidance counseling services for players who have interest in playing college soccer. This is our specialized guidance program and we work with hundreds families across the globe each year. We have had significant success in helping student-athletes and their families plan and work the college process to find the best place for them to pursue their education and soccer after high school. In the past 12 months alone, Rising Star families have received over one-million dollars in soccer scholarships, as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars in academic scholarships, and though we make no guarantees, our experienced and professional staff will give our full effort towards helping you pursue your goals.

This only works, if you do.

Once you sign up for any of our sessions or programs it is important to note that you will NOT automatically receive a college soccer scholarship or even be accepted into a university. We are here to help you, but YOU will do the work. YOU will discover what type of school and soccer program is a best fit for you... and there is much work to do. There are no shortcuts here, but we if you want to play college soccer and possibly attain an athletic scholarship to do so, we can help by offering methods and guidance that has been proven to get results, along with our network of coaches and experienced staff that can help you along the way.

Where to Begin?


1. In order to get started, you must compete the following survey. 

College Path Survey

2. Once we receive your survey, you will be emailed a welcome email with instructions on setting your first counseling appointment and link to pay for either: a single counseling session at the discounted rate ($60 - normally $80) or register for the summer college bound counseling program with a 25% off SMSC rate. You will have the choice in that email.