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90-Day College Bound


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3 Months of Personalized Counseling

Our Rising Star 90-Day Program can be the perfect fit for families that are a little later in the college process, but need help maximizing what time is left. Equally a great fit for players that aren't certain they'd like to play college soccer but would like to find out what their best opportunities may be.


There have been many occasions when we have helped a senior in high school gain a college roster spot, and even some cases where athletic scholarship money was available late in the process. This path has been great for families looking to change their success gaining visibility from college coaches and those players considering college soccer and looking to gain a realistic picture of what their options may be.

- Jason Sisneros, Rising Star Founder & Director


This plan start with our College Fit Survey and a one on one counseling session. From there we work with families closely for 3 months. This includes:


  • A designated counselor 

  • A specific path and action plan based on your unique goals and circumstances

  • Regularly scheduled communications 

  • Access to support as needed outside of scheduled counseling sessions

  • Full support of Rising Star's resources to ensure every opportunity to maximize the program

  • San Leandro Special Tuition Price: $375 (Grades 9-11) & $575 (Grade 12) *Includes College Fit Survey and initial 1-hour counseling session.

CLICK HERE to start your path with Rising Star by following the instruction on our San Leandro Program Home Page.