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We provide personalized pathways for UK student-athletes to play college soccer in the US. 

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At Rising Star Academy, we know that our UK families have unique challenges when considering the opportunity to play college soccer in the United States. There is a great deal of uncertainty, misinformation and often misconceptions surrounding how the process works. As a result of this predicament, there is a significant gap between what parents and players need to do to succeed and what information is available. RSA UK is here to bridge this gap with our expertise and specialized support for UK families.


We are not another "US college scholarship" sales company

We know there are many companies selling promises of athletic scholarships and truthfully, these companies are outsiders in the US college soccer world. Their messages are part of bait and switch sales strategies that prey upon parents' lack of knowledge and fears of their children missing out on opportunities. They are sales and marketing companies dressed up for soccer with no stake in the US college soccer system beyond making a profit. There is generally very little tangible value in working with such companies.

A Stake in Your Success


RSA UK was founded by former elite US college soccer coaches and scouts to help players and families make the most of the opportunities that soccer can provide. Our staff has dedicated their lives to US soccer from youth, high school, college and even the international level. We have played college soccer. We have coached and scouted for US college soccer programs. We have been the college coaches deleting SPAM emails from numerous international scholarship companies as they push players towards college soccer programs with little regard for what is best for that student-athlete.


Unlike any other program out there, we take a personal stake in your success. RSA UK stands apart as members of the US college soccer world. As insiders, we are in a unique position to provide our families invaluable insights. Our collective experience spans decades. We not only work with hundreds of US college soccer coaches regularly, but we are also proud to be part of the same college soccer community. As an RSA UK member, you will have professionals on your side to guide your US college soccer journey. You will recognize that we are dedicated in support of our student-athletes and their families and while you are climbing the US college soccer mountain RSA UK will be with you every step of the way!

College Fit Identification 

Every student-athlete and family is unique, which is why our approach to guidance counseling always starts with you. Although there are some general guidelines and requirements that apply to most student-athletes, the difference between simply going to college and thriving in college, come down to unique factors that need to be understood before we layout your personal path toward college soccer in America. 


During this phase, families complete detailed surveys and student-athletes are assessed on their academics and their potential US college soccer playing level. Everything is considered, from financial need to preferred climate, class sizes and team culture. We ensure the right questions are asked and at the same time, we are available to answer questions as well.


Aside from your initial surveys, this phase includes your first one on one counseling session with your designated Rising Star Academy Counselor to kickoff your college process with Rising Star. This counselor will be with you every step of the way.


Planning and Guidance


Now that some parameters have been established, your counselor will layout the first steps on your college path as part of a greater plan. Players will begin their Rising Star Academy Online Profile, which includes an academic and playing resume shared with US college coaches from our Academy Prospect Database (APD). You will also take your first steps in a communication plan to set you up for success interacting with college coaches and your first highlight videos will be prepared in coordination with our video support staff.


As you complete the first steps, your counselor will communicate with you as you set the foundation for future aspects of your college process. This is the beginning of an ongoing cycle of teamwork that is the cornerstone of working with your counselor and achieving your goals.


Monthly Meetings


Once a month, your counselor will review progress with you in person online. During these regularly scheduled monthly meetings, your counselor will ask and answer questions and you will work together to make plans and adjustments as needed to keep your process headed toward success.


Performance Support


Our counselors stay up to date with your performances in matches and are available to speak with your coaches and trainers. We have a specialty in advising players on how they can best prepare themselves for the US game and we provide these resources to all of our members. Resources include: 


  • Personal training plans.

  • Access to sports psychologists, nutritionists and strength and conditioning experts.

  • Video upload folder to share recent video footage and gain feedback on what our college scouts are seeing in your play so you can be best informed in a timely manner.


US College Soccer Tours


Rising Star Academy curates US college soccer tours that allow our UK players to compete in front of college coaches in events that best match their academic goals and playing level. On these tours, players get to see parts of the US, visit college campuses and receive coaching, evaluation and feedback from a wide range of college coaches. In general, these tours take place in June and July, however, they are available to Rising Star Academy UK members year round, so there will always be complete coordination for your visit (individual or group) anytime that is determined best for your success. 

What does RSA UK provide?

To begin, we ask that each prospective RSA UK family complete our College Fit Survey and schedule a 1-hour counseling session. The fee for this stage is USD $85.00. Your 1-hour session includes a review of your survey results, as well as Q&A and guidance on your next steps. There is no obligation to register for any further RSA UK program beyond this initial survey and session. Your session is covered by our 100% money back guarantee. We guarantee you will find immediate value in your counseling session, and if you are not in agreement, we will refund your full $85.00.


Your designated counselor at this stage is Rising Star Academy Founder, Jason Sisneros.  Jason is your primary contact during the on boarding phase and is available for questions and support as needed at 919-812-8322 or success@risingstaracademy.us

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