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Month to Month Personalized Counseling

For those in short term need of expert advice and support, Rising Star Academy offers monthly personalized counseling. This is best served for those who may only need support for 1-2 months and can often be helpful for student-athletes late in the process or early in high school that would like some guided support before fully taking the reigns.


Sometimes all that is needed is a little support for a month or two and we can help a player generate new opportunities or make specific decisions late in the process to help ensure they have all the information and feedback necessary to mover forward.

- Jason Sisneros, Rising Star Founder & Director


This plan starts with our College Fit Survey and a one on one counseling session. From there we work with families closely in a condensed time frame. This includes:


  • A designated counselor 

  • A specific path and action plan based on your unique goals and circumstances

  • Regularly scheduled communications (1-2 times per week)

  • Access to support as needed outside of scheduled counseling sessions

  • Full support of Rising Star's resources to ensure every opportunity to maximize the program

  • PSV Special Tuition Price: $150 (Grades 9-11) & $275 (Grade 12) *Includes College Fit Survey and initial 1-hour counseling session.

PSV Union's designated counselor is, Jason Sisneros.  Jason is your primary contact and is available for questions and support as needed at 919-812-8322 or


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