Quick Stats


Height: 5'9"

Weight: 135 lbs

Primary Positions

Attacking Center Mid (10)

Secondary Positions

Center Mid (6)(8)

Outside Mid/Wing (7)(11)


4.0 GPA

Millfield School

Jake's Resume (PDF)

Jackson's Videos

Jackson Pickup joins Rising Star Academy, U.K., from the prestigious Millfield School where he currently plays attacking central midfield for the second XI. In what is a 2-year soccer program, strong performance in his first season has earned him a call up to the first XI this season. Jackson recently transferred to Millfield, as it boasts one of the top soccer programs in the U.K. Their approach to athletic development is second to none, having produced dozens of Olympic competitors and medalists. In the 2016 Olympics there were 6 alums participating in the games and in 2012 there were 9 Millfield alums. Click here to learn more about this incredible school.

Prior to joining Millfield, Jackson attended St. Paul's Boys School in London; a school consistently ranked in the top 3 for academics across the U.K. Jackson therefore brings a unique combination of both academics and soccer ability, and we are delighted to be working with him to achieve his goals.

Rising Star Report on Jackson

Last Updated: February 23, 2019

Evaluating Coach: Jason Sisneros

Jackson is a cerebral playmaking center mid. He has a wonderful combination of tactical awareness and technical skill. In my opinion he is someone that can tie together all of the weapons on the field. He keeps possession well, but makes well-timed, precise and dangerous passes in behind defenses. His accurate passing also comes with excellent long-ball range and he can quickly unbalance a defense by directly changing the point of attack, or playing long diagonal balls for his wide players and forwards to run on to.

Jackson's thinking extends to his defense. He reads the play well and can defend players 1v1 or pick off passes and start the attack quickly. I also believe his courage in tackles and willingness to mix it up in tight spaces sets him apart. In total, I believe Jackson would be a great fit for a program that presents a balance of high level academic commitment and a quality soccer experience. If you would like more information on Jackson please email me using the contact form below or call me at 919-812-8322.