Q: Why is the camp 5 days?

We offer 5 days of three hour sessions each day in order to narrow down the interaction between players and coaches on the field and on the sidelines. 

Our goal is to increase quality of performance and interaction for both players and coaches.

With a 1 or 2 day camp, players will be more tired and not as likely to be fresh later in the day. Players will also often be overlooked when there are too many players and too many coaches - it's easy for both to get "lost in the shuffle".

With the 5-day format players have the chance to train at optimal freshness each day. We also have a more narrow set of coaches to work with when spreading that out over a week.


When you add it up; By the end of 5 days, players will have been showcased for 15 hours with 10-20 coaches; but the best part is that they will have been at high intensity each session (better chance to be their best) and with 2-4 coaches each day that they get to know, rather than 20 coaches all at once.

Q: Do campers get shirts?

All full week campers registered by March 15th will receive a Rising Star training shirt.

Q: Should we attend the full week or just a few day?

We recommend that all players stay for the whole week. From a showcase perspective they will have a chance to be seen by more coaches. From a learning perspective, the coaches running sessions each day have a great deal of knowledge and experience to offer -- even if a player may not be interested in attending that school, they can learn a lot and that's why we hold camps with training sessions. 

That being said, attend for as many days as you can. If you can do all 5, that's the best, but we have flexible options to ensure you can at least make some of the week no matter what.

Q: I paid a deposit, how will I pay the balance?

You will be emailed a link to pay your balance. This is due one full week prior to the first day of camp. 

March 25th for Livermore Camp and April 8th for San Leandro

If you need to make payment arrangements outside of this structure, you'll need to contact us at or call the office 626-470-3736 to discuss.

Q: What should I bring to camp?

Players need to bring these items daily:

  • Soccer Ball

  • Water Bottle

  • Shin Guards

Q: When should players arrive to camp?

Arrive 30 minutes prior to camp start each day.


When you get there:


Check in and warm up


There will not be much "warm up" done with the college coaches, it's on the players to be prepared ahead of this session.

Q: What is the advantage of ordering a player evaluation? 

We recommend player evaluation for players who: