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Dear Missy - Advice During These Trying Times

Dear Missy,

This has been a stressful time for our family. Soccer has always been a fun place for us, our kids love to play and my husband and I enjoy being part of the team and supporting the kids. It has been tough enough with all of the soccer tournaments and leagues being cancelled and now, with no notice, the Development Academy folded and it seems like we can't catch a break. Our kids are looking forward to getting back, and our oldest dreams of playing college soccer one day, but she's been feeling down on everything lately. What would your advice be on dealing through this trying time?


Montebello Soccer Mom

--- REPLY ---

Dear Montebello Soccer Mom,

As a parent, one of the hardest challenges to face is not to be able to “fix things” when our child is hurting. Right now we're experiencing one of the worst times we've encountered. It is already a stressful time for juniors and seniors as they are trying to make important college and life decisions. Now, with the Coronavirus, they are missing important social events and milestones that they have looked forward to. Add to all of this your personal concerns, keeping up with work and school while being at home and trying to adjust to these uncertain times, and it's an incredible challenge.


My advice is to stay calm. It's not always easy, but take a deep breath and try and stay calm. We are in uncharted territory and how you respond to these unexpected challenges will set the tone for the rest of your family. This is NOT going to be easy but together you will get through this. And for those times when we lose our cool, remember to give yourself some understanding. As much as we're providing a calm outlook, some days will be tougher than others, but keep taking that step everyday and in the long run, things will work out.

On the competition side of soccer, rest assured that the directors of your clubs will be working tirelessly to find ways to support your athletes. There are a lot of good people in this game and they'll keep working to positively support opportunities for young players to pursue their goals. In consideration of your daughter's college soccer aspirations, please know that many colleges are already making adjustments for college acceptances this fall by not requiring SAT or ACT scores. In addition to these short term adjustments, most college athletic programs are taking into consideration what changes need to be made in the best interest of the athletes for the upcoming recruiting season and beyond. Since everyone's competitions are on hold and the NCAA has expanded their recruiting dead period, everyone is in the same boat and we'll continue to see how the adjustments made will play out over the coming school year. 

I hope this brief email helps a little bit and know that even in the best of times it can be challenging getting through these high school years. I know first hand through our experiences with our kids how the ups and downs go, but it's a fantastic journey. Our staff at Rising Star Academy are here to listen and support how we can, so feel free to email us with further questions or just for moral support. You may also want to consider scheduling a college guidance counseling session to aide in your daughter's college soccer process. Now is a great time to use the pause in tournaments to get organized going into next school year. 


Thank you again for reaching out!

All the best,