What is Rising Star Guidance Counseling?

Rising Star Academy offers personal guidance counseling services for players who have interest in playing college soccer. This is our specialized guidance program and we work with hundreds families across the United States and around the world each year. We have had significant success in helping student-athletes and their families plan and work the college process to find the best place for them to pursue their education and soccer after high school. Our experienced and professional staff will give our full effort toward helping you pursue your goals.

We offer College Bound Programs and packages for individuals, teams and clubs. All programs begin with new Rising Star families completing our College Fit Survey and scheduling a 1-hour counseling session. From the survey and our initial counseling session we can best advise you on what programs would be best to accomplish your goals. There is no one-size fits all approach to maximizing your opportunity and this is what makes Rising Star so effective. All of our programs are based on your individual goals, circumstances, abilities and commitment level.

Your initial survey and 1-hour session costs $85.00. Your initial fee is applied toward the balance of any Rising Star program you ultimately join... however, there is no obligation to join, and your survey and 1-hour meeting will be designed to help you immediately -- whether you become a Rising Star are not. If our time at this stage does not live up to this we will return your $85.00.

This only works, if you do.

Once you sign up for any of our guidance services it is important to note that you will NOT automatically receive a college soccer scholarship or even be accepted into a university. There are no shortcuts, but if you want to play college soccer and possibly attain an athletic scholarship to do so, we can help by offering methods and guidance that have been proven to get results. We have a network of coaches and experienced staff that can support you every step of the way, but you must understand that your effort and commitment to this process is paramount. 

If you have questions, please contact us at and if you are ready to take your first steps with Rising Star click on the link below to get your College Fit Survey and schedule a 1-hour personal counseling session with Rising Star.