Our camps are designed to:

1. Connect prospective student-athletes with college coaches in a meaningful way.

2. Evaluate each player and provide valuable feedback on where they may find the best chances of achieving their college soccer goals.

3. Educate and empower players and parents in the college soccer process.

Through Rising Star Academy camps, players and families can open their soccer horizons with access to a vast network of opportunities.

Rising Star Scouts work with hundreds of colleges and universities in the U.S. and abroad each year. We are unmatched in our ability to help identify where players will have the greatest odds of achieving their college soccer goals. 

Rising Star Guidance Counseling provides expert knowledge, detailed planning and support for families no matter where they are in the college soccer process.

Rising Star Camps bring together all the best elements of training, advice, education and connections in a positive environment geared towards helping all student-athletes make the most of their talents and passion for the game.

Stay tuned for updates regarding 2020 Spring Break Camps
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Hall of Fame Coach Anson Dorrance leading a classroom talk.

Anson Dorrance scouting an evening futsal session at spring break camp.

NCAA D1 coach, Neal Battacharjee working with high school sophomores on attacking movement.

NCAA D1 coach, Emily Hester working with high school juniors on possession.

Pro soccer player and former U.S. Women's National Team, Yael Averbuch leading a futsal session!

Rising Star Alum, Callum Stretch competing for Univ. of Denver. Starting Center Back.

Yael Averbuch teaching technique on the futsal court at spring break camp.

Rising Star Alum, Makala Thomas 2018 NCAA National Champion, Florida State

Rising Star Alum, Summer Garrison joins Illinois Women's Soccer