What is the Rising Star Club Affiliate Program?


The Rising Star Club Affiliate Program is designed to provide support to clubs that share the same values and mission as Rising Star Academy. Clubs that join the program gain access to unparalleled college counseling services, college soccer promotions, college ID camps, clinics and events. They also unlock special affiliate pricing and tuition on all Rising Star events and programs for all of their families.

Through the Club Affiliate Program Rising Star works closely with club directors and coaches to ensure coordinated planning and support that meets the specific needs and objectives of each club. Our mission through this program is to help clubs that want to do the most for their players and families in regards to college guidance and personal growth through soccer. 

Another unique aspect of the Club Affiliate Program is that Rising Star Academy has a network of clubs and resources in over 100 countries across the globe. Clubs in this program have access to international travel, training and competition. As a member of Rising Star Academy hey also have built in connections and contacts that will support their players, teams and overall club from other parts of the world.

To set up an appointment to learn more about the Club Affiliate Program, please use the contact form below.