Rising Star Academy was born out of the simple idea that soccer can offer everyone the opportunity to become the best they can be provided they have the right support, advice, encouragement, coaching and mentorship. It is with this idea in mind that I created Rising Star Academy. It is our mission to develop environments filled with the best people from all aspects of our sport and to create connections for players and families seeking to maximize every aspect, of every opportunity our game has to offer.

In over two decades (and half my life) of coaching it has become clear to me that every soccer player has quality, and some have special quality. It has also become clear to me, now that I reflect on my own life, and having coached long enough to see many of my players grow up to become parents and outstanding human beings outside of our game, that the most important experiences of being a student-athlete shaped how we approach school, how we think about ourselves and treat others, and what kind of life we chose to lead, more than how many goals we scored or what accolades we won.

For young people who love to play sports, I believe sports have the biggest opportunity to impact on the trajectory of that young person's life; during adolescence and in adulthood. Never again in that person's life will their sport mean more to them then when they are 10-18 years old. It is at this point that the best counseling and advice in how their sport can shape their future should be introduced with the intention of not only helping them take their game as far as they can, but preparing for what their sport can offer them in the community, in academics, in business and internship opportunities and community service.

Rising Star Academy is committed to leveraging our network to guide soccer players and their families as they navigate from middle school, to high school and high school to college. We offer services that provide education, advice, opportunities to gain self-awareness with the underlying goal of using this journey to maximize life opportunities through soccer. Our counselors and coaches take the time to genuinely get to know, and understand (as best we can) the players and families we work with. Our camps and soccer experiences are designed to aid in player development, college and professional soccer opportunities as well as experiences that create life-long memories. This is who we are, and why we do this. This goes into everything we do regardless of the ability level, social and economic means, race, religion or any other demographic aspect of the families that we work with. Soccer is the sport that binds our experiences, and we are here to help every young player we meet understand that they are a Rising Star.

- Jason Sisneros

Founder, Rising Star Academy