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9-Month College Bound


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9 Months of Personalized Counseling

Our Rising Star 9-Month Program can be the perfect fit for families seeking the benefits of more guided input beyond their initial 90 days.


The 9-month program is a great for high school students that have a clear goal of playing college soccer. This program compliments the school year and club soccer season, and due to the extended support beyond the initial 90 days, families have a greater depth of access to our network and resources which can ultimately make a big difference in their outcomes. 

- Jason Sisneros, Rising Star Founder & Director


This plan starts with our College Fit Survey and a one on one counseling session. From there we work with families closely for 9 months. This includes:


  • A designated counselor 

  • A specific path and action plan based on your unique goals and circumstances

  • Regularly scheduled communications 

  • Access to support as needed outside of scheduled counseling sessions

  • More opportunity for support of Rising Star's resources to ensure every opportunity to maximize the program

  • Tuition: $1700 (Grades 9-11) & $1799 (Grade 12) *Pricing includes College Fit Survey and initial 1-hour counseling session.

Your designated counselor to get started is, Jason Sisneros.  Jason is your primary contact and is available for questions and support as needed at 919-812-8322 or success@risingstaracademy.us.


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