Spring Special!

$20 Counselling Sessions

Youth Soccer Talk - Thursday April 2nd - 12PM/3PM

Jason Sisneros is offering $20 counselling sessions for the next 5 weeks. Topics from college recruiting and personalized strategy to individual training and performance. If you would like to schedule a meeting:

1. Email us (

2. Let us know the best dates and times for you and topics of interest or concern.

3. We will email you a survey that you can complete before we meet, instructions on payment options and confirm the date and time.

4. Complete your survey and pay the $20

5. Meet with Jason Sisneros and cover anything and everything in 60-70 minutes!

Join us Thursday as Michele Lapenna, teaches us about Vision and Perception Training -- and how we can train our eyes to increase eye mobility and how that flows into better perception, better decision making and ultimately better performance. 

Michele is an athletic performance coach from Bremen, Germany. He works with many top soccer and athletic clubs around Europe and he is leading the way in visual training. These talks are free, but space in the meeting room is limited. Register using the button below.


Podcast presented by Rising Star Academy. Topics on college soccer recruiting, youth player development for college and pro, advice for soccer parents and families, health, nutrition, and much more!

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